Web Design

Your site’s design is the first thing your visitors will see, so it’s important that it speaks to them immediately. But it’s equally important that your design works hard to convert your site’s visitors to customers.

We’ll work with you to understand your audience and your goals for the site, and then create a design that embodies your message, keeps your visitors engaged and helps you achieve those goals.

Web Development

Just as important as what your visitors can see, are the things they can’t. By writing your site’s underlying code to comply to industry standards, we can give your site a distinct advantage – your pages will load faster, display consistently on different computers and web browsers, pull in higher and more accurate search engine results and easily accommodate future changes.

Content Management

Once your site is live, freshly updated information is the best way to keep visitors coming back, again and again. By default, we build our websites on a content  management framework that you can update yourself, as quickly and easily as you can send an email. We prefer WordPress for most sites and Expression Engine for more complex sites.

Email Marketing

Email remains an integral part of daily communication, so what better way to keep in touch with your customers? Email is a fast and affordable way to get your message out to an established customer or lead base  for monthly or quarterly newsletters, or time-sensitive announcements like upcoming events or seasonal sales. We can design an email to match your website or other collateral, program it for maximum deliverability, and upload it to an email system like Constant ContactCampaign Monitor, or Mail Chimp (our preferred vendor).

Search Engine Optimization

Our clean, standards-compliant code can help your search engine rankings on its own. But for true SEO, we bring in the expert. We’ve built a partnership with Brian Forrester and Dynamic Web Solutions and we highly recommend him to all of our clients.